Subversion and Trac Manager Limited Release

The Subversion and Trac Manager I was talking about ages ago and recently a few months ago is finally on some of our servers and working!  I would like to thank the good people over at RV Global Soft for creating this module and taking the time to read all my feedback.  It was originally going to be a different add-on however it is now part of Rvskin so a lot of hosts may end up using it eventually.  I’ve been working with Rvskin working out all the bugs for some time and last night they were able to fix the last remaining issues I encountered.  I was really committed to solving all the problems which meant I was actually using gdb to debug crashes in the patched subversion as well as determining issues with their installer.  I believe all the issues are worked out and 2 of our machines now have it fully working.  Those machines are Venus and Skyline and you can find the subversion and trac manager if you’re using the rvskin.  All our 32bit machines should have it showing up once the next release is made with all the latest fixes.  As far as our 64bit systems they’ll see it on their systems once RV Global Soft patches things up for 64bit system.

Here are some screen shots of the system

Listed as a feature under the software category:

Main page:

Subversion management page:

Trac management page:

That’s just a small preview of just some of the pages available.  I said it was coming and I’m glad it’s finally here 🙂  I know we’re making use of it already and I hope all our clients who are developers start using it as well and tell all their friends.

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3 Responses to Subversion and Trac Manager Limited Release

  1. Juan says:

    Nice news! now I can switch from my free-svn provider to my own svn.
    Thank you!

  2. Did this ever come into being? I’ve been looking for information on this but not much out there.

  3. Tony says:

    We ran it for a while but decided it was far to buggy for us to continue to support. Any provider running Rvskin can offer it but we don’t. SVN has been surpassed by GIT anyways so hasn’t been much of a demand for it.

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