Zend Framework 1.6 Released

Zend Framework 1.6 was just released and we already have it on all our servers.  I can honestly say I did not have time to play around with the release candidate versions so my knowledge of it is not great.  I am however as I write this working on porting our website to use Zend Framework 1.6.  This basically means I need to drop in the new folder and confirm the smarty view system works fine which it does!  I’ve actually already found one use for it which is the Zend_Service_ReCaptcha functionality as it is the quickest solution.  Our site currently makes use of it using an outside library I’m assuming (Cody setup the captcha).  Here’s a quick run down of how easy this is to implement:

$recaptcha = new Zend_Service_ReCaptcha($pubKey, $privKey);

Putting in our pubKey and privKey obviously.  Then from there to display it all I need to do is:

$this->view->captcha = $recaptcha->getHTML();

Obviously I assigned it to my view but you could just print it if you wanted to.

$result = $recaptcha->verify(
if (!$result->isValid()) {
// Failed validation

It’s just that easy 🙂

Here’s a quick run down of some of the other features:

  • Zend_Tool
  • Lucene 2.3 Index File Format Support
  • Zend_Session save handler for Database Tables
  • Paginator Component
  • Figlet Support
  • ReCaptcha Service
  • Captcha Form Element
  • Zend_Config_Xml Attribute Support
  • Zend_File_Transfer Component
  • File Upload Form Element
  • Zend_Wildfire Component with FireBug Log Writer

There are some useful features there like the Captcha one I mentioned.  The other big one I’ll probably make use of in the near future is the paginator.  I have my own one I created, but I figure no point reinventing the wheel so switching to use the Zend one makes sense.

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