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Digg.. Reddit.. Stumbleupon

What do all of these websites have in common? They bring ungodly amounts of traffic to the (un)lucky patron who reaches the frontpage – so much that it brings a good portion of hosts to their knee’s for the sudden … Continue reading

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Subversion + Trac Now Live

Just a quick update our Subversion + Trac features are now live on all servers.  You can find the announcement at .  You can also find it as an official feature on our shared and reseller comparison pages.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Small Update

Things have been quiet the past week or so with nothing to really report.  So I figured I’d post what little information I have about things as they stand. The subversion and trac integration is on the majority of our … Continue reading

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Subversion and Trac Manager Limited Release

The Subversion and Trac Manager I was talking about ages ago and recently a few months ago is finally on some of our servers and working!  I would like to thank the good people over at RV Global Soft for … Continue reading

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Zend Framework 1.6 Released

Zend Framework 1.6 was just released and we already have it on all our servers.  I can honestly say I did not have time to play around with the release candidate versions so my knowledge of it is not great.  … Continue reading

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