I Will Miss You Digital Point

Today at about 7pm EST my career of posting on the Digital Point forums has been put into real jeopardy after receiving a 6 month ban.  I do not believe it to be a fair ban by any means considering all the rule breaking and illegal activity that goes on in the various digital point forums.

My ban was for the following:

Reason: Spamming

Quit spamming the same offer over and over and over.

This is the first infraction I’ve received on this forum in probably over a year.  I was given two identical infractions and a 6 month ban so pretty much no warning there.

If there was a way to appeal the ban I probably would give an attempt, but unfortunately you have no say in infractions or bans on that forum.  Like a main stream sports athlete I will sit out my suspension awaiting my chance to post again which will not come until January 24th 2009.  My fans are welcome to show their displeasure for the ban by making their voice heard on the various forums on digital point.  I do not think it will do anything so I will train hard to be ready for the next time I can post on the forum and hopefully I can come back better than ever.  But like most sports stars that sort of come back after a lengthy layoff there will be many skeptics that will say I’ll never be the same again.

I will continue to work on my skills by posting more on WebHostingTalk, Sitepoint and heck maybe even a few other forums I do not frequent as much as I used to.

Now as far as this affects Hawk Host well it will not affect us in anyway.  Of the hundreds of new customers we add each month from various forums via referrals Digital Point while being one of the larger ones did not have as many sale conversions as many others.  The few that did come via the forum also used stolen paypal accounts frequently as well.  For the few that did come to us via digital point as always you can use our standard forms of support which we encourage opposed to sending us private messages on forums because obviously at least one of us cannot respond to them on digital point anyways.

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6 Responses to I Will Miss You Digital Point

  1. seedingrules says:

    Yea i also got banned (but only 2 months) for infractions.. Digitalpoint has been banning alot of people lately, its not just us, its a shame to hear that Digitalpoint is doing this, but rules are rules 🙁

    Take care

  2. seedingrules says:

    Sorry for the double comment.. but do you or does anyone know a forum “like” digitalpoint so I can belong to a community that felt as good as digitalpoint? Seriously, I spent 4-6 hours everyday in Digitalpoint
    Please don’t mention WHT or Sitepoint

  3. seedingrules says:

    Thanks mate! 😀

  4. I got banned by Shoemoney for questioning his PR6 vs. John Chow’s PR3. You should see the message he left for me in the ban (I linked to the article in my url).

    I think DigitalPoint has seriously went downhill recently and a few corrupt moderators are controlling who gets banned and who stays on the forum. Question either of them and you’re gone.

    Not a good way to operate a forum and I certaily wouldn’t ban people for such silly reasons at my forum :


    Feel free to come join and promote there. We don’t ban people for promoting on a webmaster forum because why would we expect people to join and build our forum up without getting anything out of it.

  5. seedingrules says:

    Yeah, digitalpoint is getting silly.. i mean.. people even SELL super alpha master resellers there.. come on, those are complete scams.

    I will sign up for your forum, code4gold, thanks

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