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I Will Miss You Digital Point

Today at about 7pm EST my career of posting on the Digital Point forums has been put into real jeopardy after receiving a 6 month ban.  I do not believe it to be a fair ban by any means considering … Continue reading

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Knowledge.. yes.. knowledge..

Any of our clients can attest to our knowledgebase here at HawkHost is lackluster. We’re the first to admit it’s lacking some essentials. Well over the next month or so we’re going to try and revamp the knowledgebase with some … Continue reading

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HawkHost Reviews & Testimonials..

A few month’s ago we were lucky to see one of our customers to say “Hi” to us or grace their precense on our forums – we had a substantial amount of people we hosted yet we never heard a … Continue reading

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We’ve been (re)captcha’d!

After recieving numerous spam e-mails to our various departments we decided to look into where they were coming from – and as predicted it was from our contact form(s). Being the silly littls nits that we are we didn’t protect … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.6 Released!

Well it looks like yet another new version of WordPress is out which means it’s time to start upgrading blogs again.  For us we’ll be making the upgrade in the next few days as we always stay on top of … Continue reading

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R1Soft Making a Difference

I recently made a post about us looking to a new backup solution as our method was using a lot of bandwidth, quite a bit of cpu and taking forever to be completed. So first I’ll talk about the bandwidth … Continue reading

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My First VPS Related Support Chat

We launched a VPS offering recently and anyone who has signed up as gone about their own way and never needed to talk to us.  The few that did need some help never ran into me it was usually Cody … Continue reading

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Database Table Field Naming Conventions

It’s another day so it’s time for another rant about something that continues to bug me. The naming conventions of fields in tables of a database!  There seems to be absolutely no consistency between applications and in some cases even … Continue reading

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Twiceler Bot is Garbage

Every few months or so we end up having to block the Twiceler bot on one of our servers due to high traffic caused by it resulting in what almost could be described as a mini dos attack.  The bot … Continue reading

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July is upon us

July is finally upon us which means summer is in full swing around here.  Since it’s also July 1st that means it is Canada day but don’t worry we’re not taking the day off. So all that really changes in … Continue reading

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