Smokey The Bear Failed Me!

Every year during the summer fires break out all over, there’s news coverage and newspapers covering the fire(s), but this one is different. It’s affecting me (and all the people who live within 100~ miles..)! It all started a few days ago when a wicked thunderstorm came during a nice sunny afternoon – it started a few fires nearby (30~ miles away). It didn’t seem like a big deal until one morning I wake up coughing and swear the house is on fire. Fortunately that wasn’t the case – it was only the sourrounding forest.

Smokey The Bear

Now personally I’ve never been near a large fire – but it’s killing my lungs making it hard to breathe. Theres a nice smoke screen throughout my whole area, everything is dry, and everyone is coughing and hiding indoors. It’s sort of surreal – in a nightmarish sort of way.

A picture I took outside of my window:


This is a nice sunny day – about 85 degrees outside. It’s been like this for about four days now and is only getting worse. The air quality stinks and makes you have a nasty cough. No fun!

Here is a little section in the local newspaper with coverage of the fire(s).


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