Inefficient Backup System

At Hawk Host we use a combination of the standard cPanel system, but using the script BMU to handle doing our backups.  The system is setup to do a certain percentage of backups per day so over the course of 7 days it makes a complete set of backups.  This system is pretty good compared to backing up all accounts each day and having no script to make sure the loads do not get to high.  Sounds great right?  Well I decided to take a look at our bandwidth graphs for the last month and I was surprised by just how much private network based traffic we are producing each month.

Here is the bandwidth graph for the month of May for our Bosco server

So how much bandwidth is that exactly?  Well that is 2000GB worth of data going into our backup server every month.  But wait a second Bosco isn’t even using 1TB of space in total!

Now here’s the bandwidth graph for one of the higher days of the month which generated 90GB of data!

What’s best about this is this is suppose to be an incremental set of backups and we do not generate archives or anything of that nature.

Thankfully we do not pay for bandwidth that does not go out to the Internet so that means we’re not actually being charged any money for this.  But even so that is a lot of data going through our backup machine each month.  As a result of this we’re looking at other solutions such as R1Soft and Evault as better backup solutions that are really incremental and could allow us to do 5 minute backups if we wanted to.  These systems would also generate lower load than our current backup systems do to their integration into the actual operating system opposed to just a rsync or some other fancy but inefficient way of generating backups.

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5 Responses to Inefficient Backup System

  1. Backup Solutions says:

    Hi Tony,

    You could try
    We provide encrypted ftp over ssl connections for upload (or a backup manager
    Please check it out.


  2. Tony says:

    The amount of bandwidth being used would not be fixed by using F T P. This problem can probably only be fixed by using special backup software.

  3. You should check out the graph on this page 🙂 that is what it should look like.

  4. Tony says:

    Of course the graph on that page is of CPU usage not bandwidth. Our CPU usage is actually very low while doing backups. I just found it pretty surprising how much bandwidth a supposedly incremental backup system was. So I am not sure if it had to do with the fact the machines mounted special area’s on the backup machine and it had trouble checking modified time I do not know. I also have no doubt your software would not come close to the amount of traffic our current system is using.

    On a side note: We’ve now had several companies contact us now trying to sell their software or services. While I appreciate their attempt to sell us services we’re not particularly interested. All I’m curious about is how so many people found this blog post in such a short amount of time.

  5. Cody says:

    Ah, Bosco.. my favorite machine 🙂

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