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Merchant Account Soon!

Well here’s an early announcement that we now have our own Merchant account which means we’ll no longer be dealing with 3rd party credit card processors.  It’s just going to be a matter of setting everything up and we’ll be … Continue reading

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Improve cPanel Server I/O

One of the biggest issues with web servers is I/O due to the fact hard drives are the slowest component of computers. On standard Linux servers each time a file is accessed the OS writes to the drive the time … Continue reading

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Install latest PostgreSQL on cPanel

As some people may know there is a handy script within cPanel’s scripts folder which can install PostgreSQL, however it does not install the latest versions. It instead installs the vendor versions which on CentOS would be coming from yum. … Continue reading

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Master Reseller Accounts

We’ve had a few inquiries about master reseller accounts and the question always is why do we not offer them? Well I figured it was time to shed some light on exactly why we’re never going to offer them. The … Continue reading

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Roundcube Webmail

Well Tony pointed me to this Bugzilla ticket regarding cPanel integrating RoundCube Webmail into cPanel.. and my golly they finally did it. In case you don’t know what RoundCube is it’s a browser based webmail client (IMAP) that is all … Continue reading

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Driving Annoyances

I don’t really have anything hosting related to talk about so I’m just going to rant about some things that really annoy me when I’m driving. So the first thing that really drives me insane is cars who love to … Continue reading

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