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There hasn’t been a post on here since February 20th so I figured it was time to at least post something.  It’s been a pretty quiet few weeks around here nothing to exciting going on.  There was some network maintenance on March 3rd that went without any issues.  Previously to that on the 15th of February we patched a very serious kernel exploit on the Venus server.  We were lucky enough not to get exploited but a lot of larger hosts got hit by it before it was even known, so I guess we were lucky in that regards.

We’re currently working on a few small projects off and on here.  The one I consider useful at this time would be our knowledge base which  should hopefully reduce the number of tickets we receive each day.  If you have any suggestions for some articles we’re open to them as we’re adding articles as we get tickets about common issues.

We’re also working on something that I’ll just call Project Falcon right now.  I’m sure you’ll hear about it more in a few weeks time hopefully.  It’s not really going to effect any customers, but I think it’s a major step to help us grow.

One last thing is with regards to DNS.  When you switch name servers over it’s never an instant thing and I’ve notice a lot of customers believe it to be the case.  Or even having dns issues with sub domains they just made then making a ticket about it.  Of course they make the ticket and the sub domain works fine since we viewed it after the DNS entries were made.  So if you’re ever curious about whether or not the entry was made correctly try a site like http://iptools.com/  which does not cache DNS results so what it reports is exactly what our servers are reporting at that very moment.

That’s it for now, hopefully there will be a few more updates in March on the blog.

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