Web Host Support Secret

Customers are always asking us how in the world do we respond to tickets so fast at the most random of times. Well I’ve decided to reveal that secret to the world and trust me it’ll surprise you! Our secret is Cyborgs or more specifically the ones that you see in Terminator.

So how does it work exactly? Well while I’m sleeping or out our latest Cyborg Cameron Phillips handles tickets as if she was me. It’s absolutely inguesiness when she is not busy protecting John Connor from terminators so he can survive to be around when Judgment day comes she is handling Hawk Host support tickets. Terminators do not sleep so this is a great solution to solve the boredom because reading the dictionary simply does not cut it every night.

Cameron Phillips

Oh but you’re wondering who’s been handling support tickets before her? Well we had a a T-101 handling them. He did not provide as good of human like responses but he did provide us with that 24/7 support when no one was around. We actually owned him he was not a loaner like this latest one. Here’s a picture of him (no he is not Arnold Schwarzenegger he just looks like him)

Terminator Support Bot

Well the secret is now out there I hope other hosts can learn from this and get themselves their own Cyborg to handle support tickets. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper once you tell him how to handle things. Before then they’re always wanting to kill the person as it is supposedly a stupid question.

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