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Web Host Support Secret

Customers are always asking us how in the world do we respond to tickets so fast at the most random of times. Well I’ve decided to reveal that secret to the world and trust me it’ll surprise you! Our secret … Continue reading

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Lets Go PHP5

I felt it was time to just come out and say it. It’s time every Hawk Host customers goes PHP5 and that will happen by default starting February 1st. PHP5 includes lots of great improvements which are not compatible with … Continue reading

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Hard Drive Failure Without Down Time

I constantly read about web hosts who lose a hard drive then the server is down for days because data has to be restored via backups. I shake my head every time I read about this as you know 99% … Continue reading

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Improve Apache Start Speed on cPanel Servers

cPanel recently made the switch to a new Apache system which improved the maintainability of the system easier however did increase the overhead quite significantly. As a result restarting say apache when you add a domain can take quite a … Continue reading

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Hawk Host Testimonials

If you didn’t notice our testimonials on the front page (all three of them) are a bit slim / haven’t been updated in some time. It was never mentioned but anyone who would like to be added to the testimonials … Continue reading

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2008 Hawk Host Coupons So Far

I’m just making a quick post to go through the coupons that are currently still active as of 2008 s20percent Gets you 20% off any shared package firstdeal2008 Gets you 35% off our advanced and super shared packages r25percent Gets … Continue reading

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