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Shared Hosting Resource Usage Tips

We have customers from time to time be real resource hogs. We’ve found two common types of users using all the resources Old Customers New scripts / features installed The common issue here is users simply not researching the scripts … Continue reading

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Starbucks Monster!

Thought his is a bit off topic I thought I would share my story with the Starbucks Monster that was created by having a cup of coffee fester on my desk for a month or so. Occasionally I grab some … Continue reading

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Hawk Host Boxing Day Sale

Here’s our first time posting deals on our blog. These of course will be spread around the internet, however not all the coupons will be showing up on forum posts we make. All these coupons will be valid until January … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays + More

Everyone here at Hawk Host would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays. Other than that here’s a nice picture 🙂 …….. So what’s going on other than Holidays? Well we’re now running Apache 2.2 with suPHP on both PHP4 … Continue reading

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Should we take on the elephant (PostgreSQL)?

We’ve never really considered supporting PostgreSQL (will be referred to as PGSQL for the remainder of this post) until recently when someone had a inquiry about why we don’t offer it. Unfortunately the only good answer we had was we … Continue reading

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Installing Ruby on Rails on cPanel

After my last post about Ruby on Rails we’ve gotten a view inquiries about exactly how you install Ruby on Rails through cPanel these days. So I figured a quick post with the steps required to run through the install … Continue reading

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