Zend Framework Update

In August Cody had announced we were now offering Zend Framework as a standard php include. Well some times you forget to update things and unfortunately on one machine we had an older version of the framework running (1.0.1). Thanks to a support ticket we updated that server to the latest version (1.0.2). I’ve also just went ahead and gone through all our other servers confirming they are in fact running the latest version. So if you were having any issues using the Zend Framework they should hopefully now be resolved.

In the future if you ever find something out of date such as the Zend Framework do not hesitate to submit a ticket and we’ll gladly update to the latest stable version if we’re currently not running it.

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  1. John says:

    As “the guy” who piped up about the Zend Framework I want to thank Tony for his diligent work in figuring out what was going on with ZF. Thanks Tony for all the great work you do!

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